Two exams in one day = an incredibly exhausted blogger. 

Keeping this one short while delivering the goods.

Awww if any place can overhype a song like the Erol Alkan board I'd like to see proof. No matter, when I saw this show up on Brodinski's September chart I needed to hear it. The youtube teaser left me wanting so much more. Hearing it on The Subs Soundcloud left me breathless. Finally finding it in low quality left me satisfied for the time being. Hesitated a while about whether or not I should post, but seeing some other blog do so I couldn't resist the temptation. Should be released tomorrow, October 8th, on Tony Senghore's label Horehaus. I've been lucky enough to hear the 320 and it is more than worth the purchase. Grab it here!

I must say that the original is somewhat hard to outdo. Nevertheless, Tony Senghore does a marvelous job. Respect Truants people, for the song and the top-notch description.

Oh so goooood


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