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The past few posts haven't brought you all that much head banging, feet smashing, ear busting, fist pumping music. After a much needed AtV sit-down meeting, I am proud to say a few decent ideas were put forth and I got really, really roasted. Point being, I'm back on that robot sh*t. Please stick with us for the usual treatment and enjoy the more diverse selection of posts coming your way.

 Health - Death (Renaissance Man Remix)
I have a hard time believing this still hasn't been released or at least played out more. Well the duo finally put it up on their Soundcloud a month ago. Seems like today is as good a time as another to share this flamboyant remix. There must be something in the chant-like vocals or the peculiar organ sounding xylophone hook that has got me putting the song on repeat.

Ogris Debris - Miezekatze
Never would've come across this song if wasn't for John Roman's chart. Never stumbled across such a weirdly appealing vocal hook in tech house. Never heard of Ogris Debris before either, I guess we could say this Austrian duo has never disappointed me. Also, never ever use "never" so often in a five line description.

Boychick - IWL
♪♪♪ I just discovered the hot keys to make a music note and this happened completely random. I mean coincidence? I think not. We're a music blog, this was meant to be. Right? ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
On with the blahblahblah for this song. Cal posted some Hilltop Hoods recently, give them a listen. His post is the reason a little light bulb appeared above my head and I realized the begining of this song resembles the chorus for Hilltop Hood's "The Nosebleed Section". The sample used in both of these comes from Melanie Safka.


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