OFWGKTA pt 7: Jet Age of Tomorrow

Here we are, we are on the last leg of our tumultuous journey. Odd Future Wolf Gang has been omnipresent in this space for quite some time, but alas, the segment ends tonight.

I was supposed to finish it last week, actually, but I forgot about the members of Odd Future that are behind-the-scenes. Besides OF in-house engineer Syd, Jet Age of Tomorrow/Super 3 are responsible for a big chunk of Wolf Gang beats.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- Can I Hold Your Hand?!

Matt Martians and Pyramid Vitra are the highly creative, highly experimental, highly tripped-out duo formerly known as Super 3, and now known as The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Their material sounds a bit different from most of the collective's stuff, but that's just because you're used to hearing spitting about dismemberment and vandalism over the beats. This is pure OFWGKTA creativity run wild, a group of forward thinking teens who are only limited by their imagination.

Beat4Clothes ft Tyler, The Creator- Rest Stop Flow (Matt Martians remix)

When I first downloaded their album off of the OFWGKTA site, I was expecting something totally different. Tyler dropped a word of warning that it was 'spaced-out and cosmic', but I was not ready for this shit. When I popped it into Itunes, it fell into the genre of Acid Jazz. What the fuck? What followed was a trippy journey into instrumental funk/jazz/hip-hop/funk/the future. Still, you can still hear the dopeness dripping out of your speakers when you bump it. That trademark Wolf Gang swagger, though not in its usual form, shines through.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- My Good Girl

We're not usually one to quote other blogs, but this quote from A Half-Warmed Fish pretty much nails it. Get on the bandwagon, kiddos, and show some love.

If you're a fan of N*E*R*D, of jazz, of experimental music,
or of good music in general, you might want to get on this
before they start showing up on Fader and Pitchfork and you feel
like a dick for not listening until a big blog appropriated their tracks

Jet Age of Tomorrow- But She's Not My Lover

You can download their album Voyager right below. This is definitely a sleeper of an album, but it grows on you a lot after a few listens. Cosmic acid jazz for the young reckless stoner/dreamer in all of us.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- Voyager

As well, they've very recently released a little teaser of their new album on their bandcamp page. Journey To The 5th Echelon will be dropping on December 31st on the Odd Future site, so keep your eyes peeled for that. If these 4 preview tracks are any indication, the album is going to be massively rad.

And finally, I just want to shine a little spotlight on a young Californian rapper who I believe is affiliated with OFWGKTA, though not an official member. He shows up quite a bit on the first Odd Future tape and makes a few appearances in everyone's albums and mixtapes, but there is not too much mention of him on the Odd Future site. No clue why, to be honest. He probably reps OF but is off doing his own thing on the side, I suppose.

His name is Casey Veggies, a 17 year old rapper from California, and he's mighty dope. Scope out some of his material right here.

Casey Veggies- The Panties

Casey Veggies is another talented young gun who is unnaturally talented for his age. He is, as he puts it, "a young n***a with an OG flow", probably due to his extremely relaxed and confident demeanor. He's got a great handle on the metaphors, and isn't too obsessed with the posturing like a lot of rappers that are just getting in the game. Basically, dude spits like he has nothing to prove, even though he has everything to prove as he's just a young buck. His laid-back lyrics and smooth California vibe is probably what's going to put him ahead of a lot of his peers. Only time will tell, but he's definitely one to watch in the underground Cali rap scene.

Casey Veggies ft Ace Creator- Remember Me

As always, you can grab all of the OF mixtapes and albums, and a few little write-ups below. Thanks for stickin' around for the ride. Hope you enjoyed the segment.

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All




Earl Sweatshirt ft Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator- Fuck this Christmas


I'm out!


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