OFWGKTA pt 3: MellowHype

First of all, sorry for the grainy-ass picture. There aren't too many pictures of MellowHype together, so I had to improvise and crop a picture in MS Paint. Bootleg steez.

Now I know y'all been waiting on part 3 of our weekly OFWGKTA feature, and I shall not disappoint. This time around, I'm going to introduce you to Odd Future Wolf Gang's dopest tag team, the duo known as MellowHype.

MellowHype ft Earl Sweatshirt- Copkiller

MellowHype, for the uninitiated, the uncultured, and the unwashed who've yet to hear of them, is made up of maestro producer/rapper Left Brain, and the massively talented Hodgy Beats. Every single one of their songs is produced by Left Brain, which makes their mixtapes extremely interesting to listen to, if only because you get a little glimpse into the OFWG machine and what makes it tick. It's impossible to pigeonhole their sound, as Left Brain pumps out such a such variety of different beats. No matter the tempo, though, Hodgy Beats always manhandles the fuck out of the beat. Dude is seriously tight, both lyrically and in terms of flow. Honestly, the combination of Left Brain & Hodgy Beats makes for a really rad result. Futuristic sounds mixed with on-point rapping is always a plus.

MellowHype- Premier

Someone needs to bring these dudes to Montreal pronto. I mean, just listen to this shit. Odd Future has got beats that are practically pandemic in their swagger, clever punchlines and some of the most versatile rappers out there. Even the most jaded of hipsters should go apeshit to this stuff.

MellowHype ft Tyler, the Creator- Fuck the Police

But seriously though, dudes are blowing up with the quickness. In the past month, they've done shows in New York and London, not to mention that they've been mentioned in almost every press outlet worth half a damn. That's pretty impressive, given that the only observable business model that I can figure out that they have is just to be dope. Not to dickride or anything, just sayin'.

I suppose that business as usual for this crew equals a tidal wave of attention and hype. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. To be honest, it's a double-edged sword, but hey, I've pretty much exclusively listening to their stuff on loop for the past couple months. Haven't felt this excited about rap music in a long ass time.

MellowHype- Right Here

As always, OFWGKTA's product is brought to you free of charge. Grab their two top quality, swagged-the-fuck-out mixtapes below. The variety of the beats is mindblowing. Left Brain is a beast in the production game. Who else you know making material this good and releasing it free? Odd Future does it for the children.

Yellow/White Mixtape

For all the latecomers, I've included links to our previous features on OF. If by some terrible misfortune, you happened to have missed out on em, check it out. Shitloads of tracks, dope ass mixtapes, and my twisted ramblings.



Next week, I'll be postin part 4, featuring Tyler, the Creator. Keep an eye out for that, odds are it'll be supremely clutch. There's only a few more features to go, and then I'll do a final OFWGKTA blow-out feature with all of their dopest posse cuts.


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