OFWGKTA pt 5: Tyler, the Creator

Well, this shit's almost done. One more massive OFWGKTA post after this one, and that's it for this segment. I trust that you've been enjoying the feature for the past month.

This particular segment has been a long time coming, and I know that a few of your have been waiting on it. Today's focus is on the mastermind behind OFWGKTA, the ringleader of this merry band of swagged-the-fuck-out kids.

I present to you today...

Tyler, the Creator a.k.a Wolf Haley a.k.a Ace Creator

Tyler, The Creator- Bastard

Tyler, The Creator is probably the most recognizable figure in Odd Future Wolf Gang and, for many, the reason that we were introduced to the collective. Not only is dude one of the most talented rappers out there at the moment, he is also a supremely gifted producer.

I first saw his video for French a few months ago, and it blew me away. I had no clue what to think of it at first. I actually had to watch it a few times to really comprehend what I was seeing. At first, I thought it was some weird horror/murder rap shit, but as I looked closer, and started to search for more of his material, I finally clued in to the brilliance of the whole Odd Future movement.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- French!

Considering that Tyler was a toddler when horrorcore or whatever was popular, it is irrelevant to even try to compare his material to any of that trash. Sure, he's into really macabre shit, but he didn't define his swag by listening to a fuckin' Necro tape.

Tyler, The Creator's trademark, if you will, is his gravelly baritone voice, an almost demonic drawl that surprises the hell out of you when you actually see what he looks like. Color me surprised, but I wasn't expecting a hellspawn's voice to come out of a skinny black skater from California. In terms of lyrics + wordplay, Tyler is extremely impressive. Not to say that the other members of Odd Future Wolf Gang cannot hold their own, but Tyler seems to be on a whole other level in terms of subject material. While the other members spit about fuckin' girls and smoking weed, Tyler raps about videotaping rape and mass murder. Of course, Earl also raps about that dark, ghastly, borderline deranged shit, but he's been sent to bootcamp by his moms, so Tyler has to hold down the fort til he gets back.


Ace Creator- Cult Shit

Probably the raddest thing about Tyler is his production skills. Dude holds it down on the mic something serious, but his beat making is so on point, so innovative and unlike anything that's out there at the moment. He's like a new school Kanye, except that he's obsessed with rape, dismemberment, vandalism and skateboarding. Visionary is probably too strong a word to use, but whatever. Wolf Haley and the OF are ahead of their time, just waiting for everyone to catch up.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- Sandwitches

Peep Tyler and Hodgy performing life and bodying the fuck outta that crowd. Rapping to a crowd with a green ski mask on is so hype hahahaha.

You can grab his classic album BASTARD for free off the link below. Honestly, I would've just posted every single song from it, but that'd be somewhat counterproductive. BASTARD is one of the best albums that I've heard in the past few years, and if you have yet to hear it in its entirety, well what the fuck are you waiting for. Entirely produced by Tyler himself, it offers a fascinating glimpse into his decidedly twisted mind.


I know that I've already posted the original recently, but I could not resist posting Tyler's remix of it. He is apparently a huge NERD fan, and gave this remix out for free on Odd Future's web site. It's just dope to see him pay homage to artists that he respects, I guess.

Tyler, The Creator x N*E*R*D- Inside of Clouds (remix)

Well, as I said, I'm going to be wrappin up this segment next week. In case you've missed the previous ridiculously dope ones, I've included convenient little links to them. Of course, there's a lot of my usual inane rambling, but there are links/songs galore for your listening pleasure, too. Also, a metric ton of SWAG.

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See you on the flipside, slags.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All


ps. Fuck Steve Harvey.

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