It's that birthday time of the year again for me. Started off nicely this morning with an exam, going to get party supplies shortly and will either finish the day off at Blizzarts or a friend's chalet. Keepin' it real yadig.

Nevertheless, my immense passion of sharing music must be satisfied today. Nothing extravagant, hitting that random button till I find a song I enjoy and that hasn't been over-shared. 

Oh good ol' Emynd. "Flip It Snap It" along with "Stick 'Em Up" by Bo Bliz were some huge tracks Brig introduced me to by these guys. Emynd thanks us for supporting his music, well we thank him for making it so easy to appreciate. Always putting out that quality stuff. Boss status homes! Crossfaded Bacon is where it's at.

Ah Codere you never check this blog you pansy, but this one's all yours. Brilliant rendition by both artists, but in my opinion M.J. steals the show. Simply looove it!

Undoubtedly my greatest influence for music has been my father and this song comes from his personal collection. It's been awhile since I've gotten in touch with my Classical Rock side and I deeply regret not doing so more often. I quickly realized the prodigious amount of marvelous music there is to find in the past. 

I have this under Minimal / Tech-house, no clue how that minimal part fits in. Oh well let's not fuss over what style it fits into and just dance to the music.

Probably shouldn't be sharing this in 320kbps, think of it as my present to you for my birthday. NT89 has been blowing the fuck up lately, seems like everything they touch goes ballistic. Judge for yourselves and keep a lookout for their upcoming collabo with Art Nouveau. Oh and grab the whole Oh My God EP on Beatport while your at it.

That's it for today. If your looking for a dope event tonight hit up Blizzarts for Footworkin' with Lol Boys, Kid Aloha & Marcus Price.

-B is for biiiirthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    You and your blog are jointly awesome. Didn't know you were in MTL till just now. Sickkkk
    Thanks for having a wicked taste in music, yo!