Jack got that Crack

Whatsup, been quite some time but don't worry I'm still alive. I've been fucking around with music production softwares & shit, trying to come up with some unique vibes. You'll get the fruit of my hard labor probably in the beginning of next year. Prepare yourself for some weird stoner shit ahah.

Anyway here's today's music.

Phred Diamond - Once Again
Phred Diamond straight out of Maryland DMV produces some really cool alternative hip hop. Love their musical twist.

"The night we filmed this video was an amazing night, full of drunkenness and foolery. The only way the PDB (phredDIAMOND Boyz) like to make their nights. Much thanks to Knowledgeable ENT for making this video possible ”

Johnson & Jonson - Anything is Possible feat. Raps By Randy and Jon Johnson
Blu has been on avengethevirgin's hiphop playlist for quite some time. I know Bynie has as musical boner for him and its quite understandable. This one is off his collabo project he did with Mainframe called Johnson&Jonson.

Exile - The Sound Is God
And just for the fuck of it, sharing a 3rd and last track produced by Exile. Classic vibe

see you tomorow