OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G

Honestly, every time I post about Odd Future, I could just copy paste the word swag a thousand times and leave it at that. You'd get the idea.

This week's edition of OFWGKTA shines the limelight on a rapper that may not necessarily get the same amount of burn or whatever as the other members of the crew, but it still a force to be reckoned with: The King, Mike fuckin' G.

Mike G- Brown Bag (04 KTA)

Slow, chopped and screwed beats are this OFWG rapper's poison of choice, and he decimates them every single time he hops on a track. Like all of the crew, he has a very distinct style, but his signature flow reminds me a lot of West Coast hip-hop, much more than the other members. Even though some might think he's from Houston, given the types of beats he gets on and his flow, his swag is very Californian. Don't ask me to elaborate on that, but if you disagree, go ahead and say why in the comments. You know, this dude should rap over screwgaze or witchhouse or whatever the fuck it's called, that'd be pretty rad.

Mike G & Wolf Haley and MellowHype- BlaccFriday

Mike G is still very much OFWGKTA in mind, body and spirit, but I think that he is one of the more accessible members. I mean, dude is still talking about doin fucked up shit and partyin', but I can imagine him spittin it on a beach, rather than in a dark, moldy, boarded up insane asylum, like in a lot of Wolf Haley and Earl songs. A good change of pace, really. Give this dude a minimal beat with just a snare and a bass drum hittin once every five seconds and I'd bet he'd make it sound dope.

Mike G- Everything that's yours

Like Domo Genesis and MellowHype, Mike G is much more on the mellow side in terms of beat selection. He's heavy on the wordplay and all that, so all it does is give him more leeway to ride the great OF productions. Slower beats don't necessarily mean sluggish flow and lazy punchlines, all it means is that it sounds better when you're layin in the cut. Nothing like bein' blizted and appreciating dope rhymes and spacey-as-fuck beats.

Mike & Vince Staples- Moracular Word

Here's a video of him performing at Low End Theory, which should at least give you an idea of his demeanor. Dude is mad laid back hahaha. He's probably blunted out of his mind though so it's all gravy. Fuck Steve Harvey.

Mike G & Earl Sweatshirt- Stick Up

You can download Mike G's dope 9 track mixtape, called Ali, at the link below. Beats by Left Brain of MellowHype, SydThaKid and of course, Tyler, the Creator. The very definition of fucking awesome.

ALI Mixtape

I probably sound like a bloody broken record when I repeat this, but hotdamn these dudes are fire. I've noticed that my posts on OFWGKTA don't really feature much in the way of videos, so I've included a video of a Wolf Gang performance just to give you an actual look into what I've been goin' on about these past month. This shit is hyyyyype. SWAG.

You can check out the other profiles I've done so far on this crew if you want to catch up on some mixtapes that you may have missed. All of them are free. How the fuck are you gonna argue with that? Odd Future is a movement, a phenomenon, a supernova and lifestyle all rolled into one . Oh, and there's going to be a feature on them printed in the newest edition of The Fader Magazine sharing the spotlight with the young Based God Lil B & the insane Young L. How's that for blowin' up?

OFWGKTA pt 1 - Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2 - Domo Genesis
OFWGKTA pt 3 - MellowHype

Dope beats, hot bitches, we the new Wu-Tang.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

The horsemen of the apocalypse are here, people. Except they skateboard, rock Supreme snapbacks and smoke way too much ganja. Oh, and most of them are in high school. What were you doin' at that age? OFWGKTA are makin power moves. Get on it. #RARE


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