multiple personality disorder

Weeeeee I've gone mental, totally insaaaaane

À la Calibar

Good afternoon yall! Hip hop is the past, present and future.

Common Ft. Biggie - Announcement (Mick Boogie Mix)
More incredible work by the mixtape master, Mick Boogie. This track is off his Sounds of Miami 4 mixtape which you can grab for free on his website (just click the name above). The mix is filled with all things Pharrell and plenty of unreleased Neptunes tracks. Yeah this is hip hop baby,  I'm fin' to take you to the tip top baby.

U-N-I - Castlevania
Straight out of the violent ghettos of Inglewood, California, this rap duo has been getting a lot of respect for the diversity of their style. The two members - "Thurzday & Y-O" - touch on everything from old-school video games, limited edition sneakers, low-income public housing, all the way to lapdances from voluptuous ladies. For instance, this track off of their debut album "Fried Chicken & Watermelon" is the perfect example for the colossal assortment of beats they're putting out. In this case, it's all about that Nintendo theme.

Hasta luego.

À la Brigden

Hello dearest of friends, how have you been? Excessive work is where it's at, but fear not... The OFWGKTA feature will be back next week and you can expect some top notch music from the mastermind of this crew, Tyler the Creator.

Just came across Mr. Little Jeans, actually a stunning lady, but that doesn't really matter. Her music is superb and her voice is mesmerizing. She comes from a little town in Norway and will most likely remind you of other sublime female artists such as Ellie Goulding, Likke Li or Marina and the Diamonds. RAC gets on another remix from this singer/songwriter and does a brilliant job.

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC Remix)
Mr. Little Jeans - Angel

Mr. Little Jeans MySpace

Next up, I came across a cover of Pomplamoose's "Beat the Horse". The cover version was produced by Science for Girls, an electronica side project of New Jersey producer Darren Solomon. He made this fantastic song into a dreamy melodic minimalist masterpiece after hearing some chick named Dana singing it.

Science for Girls Ft. Dana - Beat the Horse (Pomplamoose Cover)

Science for Girls MySpace

I've also included a sweet little video of Munk's "Violent Love". Another uplifting song with heart-warming girlie lyrics. I just adore it when a video matches the vibes I'm getting from a song. Filmed "à l'envers" we are taken through a break up. The girl in the clip is French actress Jeanne Tremsal, simply gorgeous!

All this sensually enthralling music is giving me butterflies in my stomach. Gotta love pretty girls with pretty voices! See you tomorrow.


À la Bynie

Hello fine fellows and fellaws. Seems like I've lost my mind. But that's alright, it hasn't been up to much anyways. I believe this is the perfect time for some mindless head-banging music. Enjoy!

Boys Noize - Nott (Paul Chambers Adventure Remix)
Paul Chambers has been on my watchlist since his "Yeah Techno!" and "Singapore Swing" tracks. This time around I had a chance of hearing his remixing abilities and let me tell you they are phenomenal! The drop is massive and super high tempo which can only make a crowd go apeshit.

Mark Ronson Ft. Boy George - Somebody To Love Me (Congorock Remix)
By far my favorite remix of this song. Other remixes by Redial or Holy Ghost, just to name a few, do a good job, but keep it too slow, nice and easy or however you want me to put it. Congorock is the only person who delivers a pure club banger. The monster of "pump up the volume" music, sticks to the sound that made him famous, grimmy synthesizers thrown over a god-like tribal bassline.

John B- Up all Night (Jack Beats remix) REMOVED BY REQUEST
Wow. All I can think of saying is WOW! After Jack Beats' remix of Shutterbug I didn't expect to hear anything nearly as good for a long time. Guess I was wrong. Heard this on the John B Podcast (yeah listened through all of it just to hear this song since it was nowhere else) and my ears orgasmed. It's just a set rip, but damn it's solid.

This has got to be the most massive post I've put out in a while. Hope my insanity does well by you and your weekend partying. Got my finals for the next few weeks so I'm certain Cal and Brig will keep the music flowing.

-B is for brains


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