Laid Back Sunday #15

Credits to Peter Nowacki for the illustration

Sorry for the late post, shit happens. Oh, and if you happen to have witnessed Philadelphia's Eagles performance today against the NY Giants, damn it was great.

Living Legends - After Hours (Extended Euro Mix)
1st beat by Living Legends crew which has been featured in one of my old post. This song right here is the definition of a Laid Back Sunday. Mad groovy.

K. Sparks - Mind Elevation (feat. Cymarshall Law)
K. Sparks from Jamaica Queens NYC really delivers a nice beat featuring emcee Cymarshall Law. Far from being a typical hiphop beat, this one is an energetic track with a reggae twist.

Slim Thug - Bitch I'm Back featuring Devin The Dude (Prod. by Dr Dre)
This one is an old leaked track that was first rumored as being a future hit on the upcoming (I hope) Dr. Dre Detox album. Probably not gonna happen. Still a nice track. As mentioned in an earlier post by my friend MDMAwesome, Devin The Dude really is the right guy to chill you down.

See you next week with a special and last Laid Back Sunday of year 2010. As I said in last week's post, I will rap-up a ZIP file with all the tracks that have been shared in the past 15 laid back Sundays.

See you next time,


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