Urulu: Kookaburra EP

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French label Get Flavor Records, who've put out releases from such artists as Dakunt and Stinj, among others, recently hit us up and introduced us to a fresh new producer out of Los Angeles, Urulu.

This young but already promising label is actually putting out his debut release on April 1st, an impressive 6 track EP entitled "Kookaburra", which is Get Flavor's seventh release, featuring remixes from Montreal's own Prince Club, UK Bass madman Damu and French duo Neitee & Yeutta.

Urulu "So What" (Original Mix) by get flavor records

Urulu, who you might know as the founder of the fantastic blog We Are Rebels (formerly Kid City Blog), is a relative newcomer on the production scene, but the quality of this debut release foreshadows a very promising career.

His productions are very innovative and refreshing, and his choice of samples are pulled from live recordings and weird youtube videos, among other sources. He is definitely a disciple of the global bass music school of thought, in my opinion, using a variety of regional styles and influences to masterfully craft his tunes. His first EP plays the Australian influence to the hilt (his moniker, Urulu, is probably inspired by Uluru, another name for the sacred Ayers Rock), and is rife with aboriginal chanting and "tribal" (sorry) vibes. Kookaburra is an extremely solid release, with heavy drums and spritual melodies. It'll warm your heart and make you dance with reckless abandon, too.

Today, we have an exclusive download for you, the Damu remix of Kookaburra, as well as another fantastic track off of the EP, So What, and an older tune, the Michael Jackson sampling Not the Only One.

Urulu- Kookaburra (Damu remix)

The Damu remix takes the aboriginal witchdoctor vibe to the next level. He buries the cheerful and uplifting feel of the original and warps it into a totally different creature. What could have been considered a light-hearted tribal anthem before is now mutated into a fierce, incredibly dark-sounding banger, filled to the brim with lazer stabs, steamroller basslines and terrifying reverbed vocals.This is the soundtrack to a shamanistic warehouse rave ritual. So swag.

Urulu- Not The Only One

Again, this EP drops on April 1st on Juno, so if you've enjoyed the insanity of the rhythms and the magical grooves featured in this post, please show Urulu some love and cop that shit. The purchase link will be added to Get Flavor Records' soundcloud at the beginning of April.

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