Sunday: Laid Back

Where is Calibaba? I honestly have no clue at all, so here's my attempt at filling in for him, with that laid-back hip-hop shit. Definitely not as underground as Cal usually gets, but whatever. Enjoy the vibes. Some older stuff, some newer stuff.

Big L ft Big Daddy Kane- Platinum Plus
Common- I used to love H.E.R
Edan- I see colours
Promoe- These walls don't lie
Lupe Fiasco- Pen & The Needles
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina)- Smoke Dope & Rap

By the way, the Teki Latex & Jesse Rose show at the renovated S.A.T was pretty damn solid. Still recovering from the debauchery, but so very worth it.



1 comment:

  1. alriiiiiight, thank you for keeping up this consistency.
    so good. especially that Big L shit.