Dark, sensual music is the soundtrack to right here, right now. Those r&b slow jams of yore are mutating into mysterious and sultry Four-AM anthems. The DNA of love songs is changing, and I definitely ain't mad at it.

Brandy - Never Say Never (Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) by Sinjin Hawke

This is a brand new bootleg recently unleashed upon the world by Montreal producer Sinjin Hakwe. Brandy's music is already really sensual and sweet, but Sinjin Hawke cranks the dial a bit further and warps this one into a carnal two-step banger. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of 2011. If this, and his recent material is a barometer for what's to come, oooh weeeee.


FaltyDL - Brazil (Grown Folk Remix) by Grown Folk

You know, it may just be that muted horn sample, but this remix evokes images of a piano bar in New York City. As it progresses, it morphs into a more ravey creature, but still retains that classiness, for lack of a better term. This is music that you'd listen to next to the rooftop pool of a fancy hotel, while stoned on MDMA with a fashion model. This is Grown Folk, refined dance music for the casanova in you.


High Powered Boys- Udon (Julio Bashmore's Sax-Dub) by MDMAwesome

Bynie pretty much nailed it when he described this remix as Sex Sax re-imagined as a softcore porno. Julio Bashmore's amazing take on High Powered Boys' (Surkin + Bobmo, for those not in the know) Udon is lovemaking music for the future. Teki dropped this remix on Saturday, and I definitely caught feelings on the dancefloor. Bashmore's remix is cinematic, sexy and groovy as hell. What more could you possibly want? (Oh, and he's coming to Montreal fairly soon. Keep your eyes peeled.)


The Weeknd- High for this

Unbelievable. I can already predict that this will be one of the best releases this year, and one of the strongest debuts in a long time. Toronto's mysterious The Weeknd have dropped their absolutely hypnotic 9 track debut album, and it is a sensual tour-de-force. Don't be surprised if you hear about this album a lot this year.

The Weeknd- House of Ballons album (.zip file, right click + save as to download)


Have a pleasant afternoon, everyone. Once again, we'd like to thank you for choosing Avenge The Virgins as your peddler of hot crack and great vibes. Come visit us again soon.


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