Back To Basics Pt. 6

Credit goes to The Neave for this image.

I really do enjoy doing this segment every now and then. It gives me the opportunity to do two things; bring some sexyness to the front page & post some hip hop. Hope everyone appreciates this as much as I do.

Stranger Day - Turn It Up
We received this in our inbox a while ago and I have a hard time understanding why so few people have shared this yet. Cal posted "Fuck You Money" in the past and it received some decent love. Once again, Emynd gets on a Stranger Day track and you know the beat will be straight banging.

Idle Warship X Mike Boogie - Momma May I Ft. Blaqstarr
Here at AtV we often promise change, new segments, or pretty much anything to keep you fools interested. Well, I have yet to start a segment on Mike Boogie, but it's about damn time I post this song. Weird intro & outro, but it gives a whole story to the song. Oh and the beat is celestial, God-like, Mike Boogie yahear!

MidaZ The BEAST - Stereotypical Black Man
One of our dedicated fans pointed us in the direction of this nice little gem. Taking into account his precious advice, I decided to go download the FREE Mixtape. Don't judge me, but this whole "free" thing gets me everytime. Now I believe it's time for you all to take my advice and grab this mix, 100% worthwhile and dope from start to finish. All respect goes to Potholes In My Blog for making this possible.



  1. where can i down load all these dope new exculzive tunes

  2. yea where can we dowload these tunes at becuse usally at other site u just clickthe song an it starts dowloading

  3. Guys. Right click, save link as. Simple as pie.

  4. if you don't know how to download from a direct link you shouldn't be aloud to download music at all, go on itunes