burn them backwoods

Wu-Tang was the shit back then, and still is. That said... for this post I kinda hit the shuffle button a couple times until I landed on some shit by The RZA. This is why I'm sharing with u guys 2 of my favorite "recent" RZA beats.

This one is off the Afro Samurai soundtrack. Afro Samurai is a Japanese manga witch got adapted into a TV series and a movie. The original author of the comic books, Takashi Okazaki, was deeply influenced by his love for soul/hip hop music and American medias. He went for one of the biggest name of the game to produce the soundtracks for his series. This joint and the whole album has a nice hiphop/soul vibe to it.

The RZA - Certified Samurai (feat. Talib Kweli, Lil Free & Suga Bang)
Anyways, look it up for yourself and support this production.

2nd one is from RZA's latest album \ persona ----> Bobby Digital,
A soul sampled chorus to top off a chill bluntsmoking beat.
The RZA - You Can't Stop Me Now (feat. Inspectah Deck)

Now time for some good east coast sh'bang. Madlib is foshoo in my top5 producers' list. He produced this nice original beat for De La Soul, who I think doesnt need any introduction... Listen for yourself, there's also a videoclip. Dont expect any oldschool, this one was produced in 2004, its late delasoul stuff, but still bangin.
De La Soul - Shopping Bags (Produced by Madlib)

And to continue, lets kick it throw back style with a classic that never gets played out :
Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - They Reminisce Over You

Last featured rapper was 1st brought to my attention by DJ Skeet Skeet couple months ago when I asked him what fresh west coast hiphop was he listening at the moment. He answered mister almighty Dom Kennedy. You can compare him to Pac Div, featured in one of my older posts, and The Cool Kids. This track is a perfect summer anthem.
P.S : chek out the booty at 00:22. DAMN!
Dom Kennedy - Watermelon Sundae

join the troops, save hip hop

- cal.


  1. cool summer beats to coast around to, good times

  2. love that dom kennedy track

  3. lol "last featured raper"

    ...unless i missed something, i think u meant rapper hah

  4. loviiiin' the Fred Falke. Good job guys keep up the good work!

    Franky Figgolo