Dinosaurs With Guns

You remember that Sound Pellegrino Mix posted a while back? Pretty mindblowing right?

Well Teki Latex just announced the release date for his tracks which were on the mix. They will be released on his and Orgasmic's record label Sound Pellegrino on everyone's favorite day, April 20th. And silly ol' me who thought I already had enough to look forward to on that day.

Check out the preview for the video of Dinosaurs With Guns.

Well call me a whore for hunting down music so much, but I found a set rip of 2 of the songs for your listening pleasure.

Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns

Teki Latex - Answers

In order for you guys to support the artist, these songs are a sad 128kbps. So go and buy the EP when it comes out. The full video of Dinosaurs With Guns directed by BM&Fils will also be released when the EP drops. Another way to show some love for Sound Pellegrino is to go see them in Montreal, June 25th @ Velvet.


p.s. bonus point for those of you who find the good quality version of the two songs!

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