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Mali Boi ft Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Gunt & Big P.O.P.E- Naturalz

If you are not aware of Paper Route Records, Block Beaterz, Slow Motion Sounds, Hood Headlinaz or anything out of Huntsville, Alabama, and you claim to be a fan of rap music, then you should be ashamed. For the past several years, this incredibly large collective has been producing and releasing some of the rawest, most innovative, dopest rap music in the world. I'll be doing a feature for you guys really soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this amazing Southern country rap tune. Mali Boi, the producer (and the first rapper on the track), excels at making these eerie, bass-heavy and soulful kind of tracks.

Gyptian- Sensi

Gyptian is pretty much the don of one drop reggae. Look into my eyes, my eyes are bleeding.

Ben Harper- She's only happy in the sun

Most people know him as the singer of the hit song Steal my Kisses, but Mr. Ben Harper's music is not easy to pigeonhole. This particular song is from the album Diamonds on the Inside, back when he was still with the Innocent Criminals. These days, he tours and records with the Relentless 7, and has a heavier sound. Last summer, he played the closing show at Montreal's International Jazz Fest, and the performance was mind-blowing. He's an amazing musician that you should really look into. Note: He is the reason that Jack Johnson has a career.

Dead Boys- All this and more

Their name is forgotten way too often when people mention early punk rock. In my opinion, they were, for a while, more notorious than the Ramones. While they are more known for their song Sonic Reducer and Meat in Your Mouth, this one is a personal fave. This is real, raw, 1977 punk rock, that gives off an faint odor of teenage desperation, nihilism and love. Which is what punk started off as, anyways.

Bouga- Belsunce Breakdown (Art Nouveau remix)

Glorious Sir Byneford mentioned these 2 Frenchmen (from Reims, to be precise), a little while ago (HERE!), and here is a remix of theirs. I'm not quite sure how to describe this, to be honest. It sounds like Chilly Gonzales stuck in a K-Hole.

Spankrock ft Amanda Blank- Bump

Such an important record for me. 2005-2006 changed my life.

Hope you guys are enjoying the trip so far. It only gets better.



  1. good shit, Fear And Loathing in Hunts Vegas is one of my favorite rap mixtapes, paper route kills, cant wait to see your post on em, drop some secret jams hehe

  2. Huntsville International is some real shit,
    now post some PILL best rapper out there doing it.

  3. yea yea, i think we should work on a search option for the blog. Cal posted a remix of a Pill song off the ATL RMX mixtape, sadly post was taken down. FUUUUUU copyright infringement!

  4. search option would def be a good look