takin' it back

Rainy and dreary as fuck in Montreal. Here's a little picker-upper. Throwback vibes, with summer just around the corner.

Wale- Freaks (Bird Peterson remix)

A fuckin' classic. No doubt about it. If you haven't heard this remix before, you have been missing out on something great. Haunting harps and sing-song swagger make for such a fresh combo. The drum programming is fantastic as fuck as well.

Curtis Vodka- Eastside Westside Can You Bounce

This song is a time machine, which takes you back to the summer of 2007. Baltimore club was still infecting tracks all over the place. Alaskan electronic music maestro Curtis Vodka gave birth to this soothing, soulful monster of a track and gave us a soundtrack to the great nights spent sippin brewski's, blowin el's and watching the stars.

Cam'ron ft Kanye West- Down and Out

Kanye, this is that 1970s heron flow, huh?

Kid Sister- Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams version)

Telephoned is a relatively new project featuring Fool's Gold Records producer Sammy Bananas and NYC vocalist Maggie Horn. They've released their brand new E.P. this week on Fool's Gold, so you should definitely check it out HERE if you dig the vibes. They turn Daydreaming into a groovy little summer breezer.


You might remember my post about Kris Skovmand, the great undiscovered alt-folk talent (LINK!). In that post, I posted one of his songs on mediafire instead of hosting it on the server, which means a lot of you skipped on downloading it. That's pretty unfortunate, being that it's one of my favorites of his, so I uploaded it for your greedy ears.

Kris Skovmand- Whiskey, Weed & Health

See you on the flipside,



  1. Where can I download that Wale - Freaks (Bird Peterson Mix) from

  2. Get Firefox. Get DownloadHelper firefox add-on. Download.

  3. Just right click, save link as.

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