Broaden Your Horizons: Kris Skovmand

(all respect due to Sage Vaughn)

This installment of Broaden Your Horizons is going to focus on a very peculiar artist, one that I miraculously discovered on a psychoactive trip. I've posted one of his songs before, and I figured that you might enjoy a few other tracks from the very talented Kris Skovmand. (Actually, I just fancied posting his songs. Screw you guys.)

Kris Skovmand is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, originally from Florida, who cooks up a rather interesting blend of alt-folk, although labeling his music is rather pointless. He's traveled all around the world, lived in places like Belgium, Romania and Denmark, and has been composing since he's 13. I would have never come across his shit if it weren't for a friend of a friend, and I'm quite happy that I did. The minute I heard his music, it blew my mind. The hooks are simple, the melodies are nothing to write home about, but it gives off a great vibe. This is music to roll it up to, just in time for summer. As well, he's an unsigned, practically unknown artist. I figure that you might like a break from the pop/folk/rock mainstream for a little while. I've also included three videos, one for "I roll it up",one for the title track of his album, "Little friday", and the third for "Wild Deer" The second video is fucking mangled to hell, really poor editing job, but I think you get the idea. The third looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. It's raw, it's ridiculous, and it's real.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Kris Skovmand- Whiskey, Weed and Health (mediafire, since it's a m4a)
Kris Skovmand- One more Smoke
Kris Skovmand- Song to my monkey
Kris Skovmand- She came back



The friend who introduced me to Kris Skovmand's music has a very talented brother who, (surprise!), also writes songs. It's a very short clip, and the sound quality is atrocious, but I think you'll like it anyways. His name is A.J. Cattapan from Alberta, and he writes great melodies. We'll get back to the usual content tomorrow, don't worry. Just MDMAwesome taking over the airwaves for a short while, as I'm prone to doing.

'Night, all.



  1. liking this guy more and more

  2. "The hooks are simple, the melodies are nothing to write home about, but it gives off a great vibe."

    ^true that

    first vid is awesome