Diablo & Hobo

Beautiful day in Montreal. A bit cold but eh, we still love them sunny days. That said, today is special. I'm posting electronic music. Usually seen as the guy to take care of all the hiphop shizznit but you know, "gotta get down on Friday cause its Friday and tomorrow will be Saturday"! Decided to dig in my old tunes and drop some music on your asses.

Vitalic - Trahison
Bolz Bolz - Take A Walk (Neo Romantic Dima Remix)
Wira - Vloeitjes
Donovan - YO !




  1. Great pic on these tracks~! The artwork is one of the coolest skull and crossbones we've ever seen.

  2. i'm just now listening to this stuff. it's all pretty sick, man. and yeah, the artwork is amazing


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