Watching You Watching Me Watching You

Hear ye hear ye! I'm back from nowhere, still doing nothing, but at least dropping some ruuuude songs fools. Enjoy your damn weekend!

I have a few more goodies from Club Cheval members to share with you on this rainy Saturday. We got a hard banging Canblaster remix of Hard Sax. This is the first release for All Naked Records and we wish them luck for the future. I do enjoy this comparison, so think of this song as the DP version of Drop the Lime's "Sex Sax". The other song was released by No Brainer Records and since their first release, Moston & Malente's "Oh My God", have been gaining more and more of my respect.

Prysmo - Hard Sax (Canblaster Remix) by Prysmo
Klipar - Emperial March (Myd Remix)

Ok Brig is about to post something about new LOL Boys. Trust me it's very very suave. Which got me thinking of this remix they did of Crystal Fighters' "Follow". Good vibes as per usual, makes me happy and longing the sun and the beach and the water and following the pretty girls.


SonicC -Trolls On Acid (BeatauCue Remix)


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