concrete jungle

Nothing too complicated this eve, just a few terrific tunes to get the blood flowing.

We will be dropping the second volume of the Avenge The Virgins mix series in the next few days, mixed by none other than Philadelphia bass baron Bombé. It is an incredibly dark and sexy mix, sure to spike up the birth rate, and make your weekend magical. Keep checking us out daily, it is coming very soon.

Waka Flocka- Drinkin and Smokin (Sinjin Hawke and Grandtheft bootleg)

Waka Flocka Flame, contrary to what a lot of people might think, is fucking AWESOME. Get a few drinks into me and I'm BOW BOW BOW-ing all over the place. Sinjin Hawke is an ATV fave, so this makes this bootleg much more sweet. Top shelf dopeness.

Me Gusta- Time Traveling

I've been getting rather obsessed with Me Gusta's music recently. Therefore, I've started writing a nice little feature on this duo, which will drop next week. I hope you will dig it!

Ahmet Sisman- Playing with Acid

This tune was the precursor to my Saturday night, which turned out to be all kinds of epic. A few friends and myself hit up this legendary afterparty, complete with interactive light shows, pyramids with changing faces, a military net over the dancefloor and people in Arabian Nights styled tents. It sounds cliche, but I can't really describe it accurately. Trust me, it was insane. MDMAwesome, indeed.

Much love! Thank you all for your ongoing support. We appreciate it.

See you tomorrow.


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