Subvader- Glass Roof

Subvader has been on our list of Producers To Watch for quite some time. His mad scientist swagger has definitely kept us guessing and looking forward to the otherwordly sounds he seems to conjure out of thin air.

A few days ago this talented producer from Ann Arbour blessed us with a whole bunch of new material, and was kind enough to let us share this absolute monster of a track with you, our dear readers.

Subvader-Glass Roof

Glass Roof fits loosely under the hypnotic pendulum of what we call techno. It mutates several times over the course of four minutes, becoming ferociously rhythmic, subdued, jubilant and bleak, oftentimes all at once. The fact that this tune would work as well in a grimy warehouse rave as it would in a posh rooftop afterparty speaks volumes about Subvader's versatility and creativity. Radness personified, no matter the setting. His new productions are bottled insanity, you should really keep an eye out.

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