1. Make sure your soundsystem can handle monstrous amounts of sub-bass.
2. Take your preferred dissasociative/hallucinogenic substance.
3. Turn the overhead lights off, and the christmas tree lights on.
3. Get yourself and your significant other undressed.
4. Press play. Enjoy.

Fire For Effect- Weed Tang Clan

Fire For Effect- Step Into Liquid (It's a Trap)

#seapunk is one of the most interesting scenes I've ever had the pleasure of discovering. It's like a frankenstein mash of PLUR rave culture, online messageboard imagery, LOL Boys-esque vibes and gargantuan bass overloads.

I'm guessing the parties get a bit weird. It's all gravy, though. Blue mohawks, aquatic imagery, MDMA and sex aren't exactly a bad combination.

I realize that today's post is not too cerebral. I didn't sleep very well. You guys oughta loosen up a bit. Enjoy the vibes.



Fire For Effect Soundcloud
Seapunk facebook
Coral Records Internazionale

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