Xavier Léon- Movin' On

Good evening, folks.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while may recognize the name sibian&faun, a great electronic music duo from Montreal. We profiled them back in February, and have been following their power moves ever since.

However, today's post is dedicated to 1/2 of sibian&faun, a very talented producer who goes by the name of Xavier Léon.

When I saw the list of participants in this year's Red Bull Music Academy (which is ridic, by the way), I was stoked to see that Xavier had been accepted. He's already released a preview of a collaboration with Italian producer Broke One which you can check out on his soundcloud.

Xavier Léon- Movin' On

Today's featured song is a extremely solid and sexy piece of music called Movin On. Léon's work with sibian&faun dipped heavily into futuristic-sounding r&b vibes, and his solo work continues the tradition. Xavier Léon's choice of samples is pretty fantastic, and he excels at heartwrenching, bass-heavy dance music. I'm definitely a very big fan of his unique sound, and hope you'll show him a lot of support if you do too.

Montreal <3

Sibian & Faun soundcloud

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