Sinjin Hawke- The Lights EP

Remember back in September when I announced that Sinjin Hawke would be releasing his debut EP on the terrific Belgian label Pelican Fly?

Well, the preview dropped yesterday, and it's everything we anticipated and more. The Lights EP (FLY005) is an 8 track opus that is sure to tear the game up as soon as it drops.

He sent it to me 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to share this amazing release with you guys. The soundcloud preview that Pelican Fly uploaded plunges us head-first into the mind of this Canadian expat, now currently living in Barcelona. His debut EP features some of the dopest club music of 2011.

From otherwordly subwoofer-exploding anthems, to memorable synth crescendos, to spoken-word serenades, The Lights has a bit of something for everyone. From what I can ascertain, the reaction to the preview is already overwhelmingly positive, and I'm sure that many of Sinjin Hawke's new tunes will be rinsed thoroughly by DJs for months to come.

In short, this is a phenomenal debut from one of the most promising young producers in dance music. P-p-p-pelican Fly.

Sinjin Hawke - The Lights EP (FLY005) by pelicanfly

The Lights EP will drop on the 5th of December on all online music outlets worth a damn. Be sure to cop it, and support great music.

See you tomorrow for the return of the Laid Back Sunday series.

Much love!



  1. Jesus christ thank you for allowing my ears to experience this