Compton Chic

Codeine Promethazine has reached the shores of Montreal, in a major way.

The drugged up, syruppy vibes that seems to be leaking from our producers' pores recently is definitely a good look. Either we're finally getting hook-ups for some potent lean (and if so, please inform your friendly neighborhood ATV), or our chronic is getting a lot stronger.

Compton Chic- inertia: tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged

Today's featured producer goes by the name of Compton Chic. I know next to nothing about her, to be quite honest. She reached out to us a while back, sending us a youtube link of her Frank Ocean refix, and nothing else. After a bit of sleuthing, I found her soundcloud page and ascertained that she was a Montrealer. I dug the swag, so I figured she needed a bit more exposure.

Compton Chic's forte seems to be heavily blunted, gloriously chopped up r&b edits. Although they may be simple, her reworks are sexy, trippy and effective. There's quite a few more on her soundcloud page, which I've linked below, so if you dig the vibes, please give her a bit of love.

been·thinkin·bout·4evr by Compton Chic


We hope you've been digging our 514-centric phase. There's more coming tomorrow. Don't forget to tune in.


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