We're not worthy

Bonsoir, amigos. Happy remembrance day.

Our MTL-centric week is coming to an end. We hope you've enjoyed the ride and have hopefully discovered a few producers and DJs that you were unfamiliar with. Quality stuff, no? If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share.

This tardy post will feature a production duo that is no stranger to ATV, the always innovative LOL BOYS. I've professed my appreciation for their music ad nauseam over the past year, so I won't go too crazy on the description. All you need to know is that this new remix is pretty stellar/insane. DMT meets Ballroom? Oh lawd.

Worthy- Lost Dog (LOL BOYS remix)

Also, as a nice little segway into tomorrow's post, I've included a recent remix by the very talented Sinjin Hawke. We're going to feature a preview of his upcoming EP tomorrow afternoon, but for tonight, please enjoy this monumental remix of Philly producer Krueger's banger Galactica.

Sinjin Hawke twerks the original into a thunderous monster, and pays homage to another young producer killing the game, Lex Luger. Real recognize real.

Krueger - Galactica (Sinjin Hawke's Ode To Luger Remix) by Sinjin Hawke

buenas tardes, motherfuckers. ATV is back in business.

Oh, did I mention that the 2nd Avenge The Virgins mix is going to be coming out shortly? Keep your eyes peeled, my friends.


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