sibian & faun

sibian & faun are a duo from Montreal who produce some incredibly haunting and beautiful electronic music. Milo Reinhardt and Xavier Leon, the talented young duo that make up sibian & faun, hit us up a while ago with some tracks that they produced last summer. Their sound is choppy, jazzy, glitchy and futuristic r&b, I suppose. At the end of the day, though, it's just sensual and groovy electronic music. My only complaint is that the songs are at a low bit rate, but I have enough imagination to accurately guess what they'd sound like on a proper system.

We've included two of their older songs for download, and two newer ones, that are unfortunately only streamable for now. I'm sorry will definitely make waves pretty soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more material from these promising, forward-thinking producers. Montreal, stand up.

sibian&faun- you must come down to the sea again

sibian&faun- this summer

I'm Sorry by sibian & faun

moved by sibian & faun

sibian&faun's Soundcloud


If you live in Montreal, and you aren't going to see Canblaster at Blue Dog Motel tonight, then we can't be friends. Ever.

#BOOMCLAP, as we repeat nigh-weekly, is the hottest ticket in town. And Canblaster is most definitely one of the most versatile and innovative new producers in the game. Get familiar. Here's a recent remix he did of French Fries' tune Charlotte. He'll probably be playing his crazier stuff tonight, but it's dope to see him switch up his style so effortlessly, and still make it work.

05 Charlotte (Canblaster remix) by MDMAwesome


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