Credits goes to Sasha Exo Li for the illustration

Marcus Hopson AKA "Hopsin" is a dooooope rapper from L.A, California. Dude is sick, he has a nice skippy flow which has been compared numerous times to Eminem's. He also produces and directs most of his videos. Gotta give props to this guy for hustling his shit real hard. I'm quite mad at myself for spleeping on this talent for so long. Bone Thugs Harmony signed him to their record label back in 2007 but he recently decided to start his own producing company called "My Funk Volume".

To resume this in a quick sentence, let's say Tech N9ne & Eminem had a baby together, it would probably end up being Hopsin. Reminds me of Eminem's early stuff. You will also notice that the guy rocks the "snake eyes" contact lenses. AGRESSIVE.

Hopsin - Sag My Pants
Hopsin - Pans In The Kitchen

hope you dig the vibe cause I sure do,



  1. You can tell he is just putting on an act and trying really fucking hard. The worst part is that he is trying to prove himself TO HIMSELF.

  2. yeah, his acting as a "gangsta rapper" is weak but if you put the videos aside his music is still cool, I find.