Best of the Rest vol 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Best of the Rest, our weekly feature that shines the spotlight on my five favorite songs that artists and producers send us. A simple idea, perhaps, but one that hopefully gives more exposure to some talented folks. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Retrotation (USA)

Retrotation- Poppyseed

Retrotation is a producer out of Pennsylvania who has a very innovative take on dubstep. I first took notice of him after he sent us a dubstep track that sampled opera, which I thought was pretty sweet. He aims to bring a bit of originality to a genre that is rather stagnant at the moment, and his recent productions have been quite dope. This particular one samples the SNES game Secret of Mana to great effect, but still manages to sound heavy and housey instead of the corniness that a lot of 8bit dubstep emanates. Not too bad for someone who's only been producing music for about 1 year, huh?


2. Clement Roussel (FRANCE)

Square Mode- One Way (Clement Roussel remix)

What a great sound. Clement Roussel, a talented young French producer, recently released this dreamy remix of Square Mode's track One Way. It meshes together a pleasant amount of electronic white noise, poppy buildups and memorable melodies. This is my first exposure to Clement Roussel, but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more of his stuff in the future.


3. Death to the Throne (USA)

Lykke Li- Paris Blue (Death to the Throne remix)

I've always enjoyed Death to the Throne's remixes, but the little write-up he included in his e-mail pretty much sealed the deal for me. Even before I hit play, I knew I had to include it. Another (finger) banger, although I'm not too crazy about the brostep steez. Still heavy though.

in celebration of presidents day, i made this here lykke li remix. i've spent a lot time recently at raves and parties, and i have to say i think this whole "house" music thing is gonna be big. i've been inspired to provide a soundtrack for teenagers to finger bang each other to and i believe i pulled it off with this remix. and if i didn't, i don't care. teenagers should be obeying the laws of traffic instead of fingerbanging each other. learn how to text and drive at the same time assholes.


4. Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard (USA)

Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard- Say you won't

This is a song off the collaborative EP between Jay Kill & Charlie Hustle, a sweet slice of folky rock. This tune includes a great piano melody, subtle but powerful drum hits and of course, Jay Kill's distinctive guttural growl. Pretty dope.


5. Flirtphonic (USA)

Flirtphonic- What's Going On

I am really not into mash-ups anymore, but once in a while, there's one that creeps through that puts a brief smile on my face. We've profiled Flirtphonic before, about a year ago, and he recently sent us this mix of The White Stripes' I'm bound to pack it up and Marvin Gaye's What's Goin on. Not re-inventing the wheel, obviously, but it is still a fun mash-up and worth your time.


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