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All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

Bynie's post struck a chord, to be honest. Should I just post a one-sentence description, or do you guys & gals actually read these drawn-out paragraphs? Let me knowwww.

Creep- Days (Deadboy remix)

CREEP, one of the more promising "Witch House" bands, is Lauren Dillard (?) and the funky Lauren Flax (she made a bunch of spacey remixes/was tour DJ for Fischerspooner, Le Tigre, etc). Days is a sparse creeper (I really should not update with 2 hours of sleep in me)featuring Romy Madley-Croft from the xx, who has one of my favorite voices. Deadboy's take on it turns the tune into a dark atmospheric 2-step anthem. Take out that gun-finger and get ready to skank it out.

Jacques Greene- The Look (Koreless remix)

Ever since Jacques Greene first started releasing tunes several months ago, I've been a big fan. The fact that he was from Montreal only added to my appreciation of his material, to be honest. Hometown pride, fuck yeah. After a while though, I wondered how this guy could have flown under the radar of the local scene and come out with such strong material and get released on two of the best labels around, meaning Night Slugs & LuckyMe, without ever having played a show.

That's when I dug a bit deeper, and I realized that not only have I heard of Jacques Greene before, I've also seen him DJ a few times and have even posted a lot of his material in the past. Now, the following information is not touched upon by him often, understandably, although not because he wants to distance himself from his former alias. He thinks that the music should speak for itself. And it does. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want & The Look are monstrous and are getting rinsed by a huge number of influential DJs. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Another Girl, arguably his best work yet. Jacques Greene is the brightest star in the futuristic bass scene.

Jacques Greene = Hovatron. Yeah, that Hovatron. Consider my mind completely blown to pieces. Night Trackin' fam run tings in Montreal, get familiar.

Michael Mind- Baker Street (Vocal remix)

Corny house music? Fuck yes. This is for the soccer moms and early-morning joggers in all of us.

Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (Dainjah remix)

This one is an old favorite, a remix I download 4 years ago and have been bumping ever since. Efficient, groovy and catchy. Throw in a little Busta and you've got some damn good gumbo.

GD & TOP- Knockout (produced by Diplo)

I came across this insane tune a few days ago on the all-mighty Mad Decent, and I still am not entirely certain of what's going on. All I know is that I can't help but keep it on repeat and watch this Korean duo hop around and say "bubble bubble". Apparently GD & TOP are huge stars in the K-Pop scene, and met up with Diplo when he toured Seoul. I've always had a huge amount of respect for Diplo, ever since I first heard Piracy Funds Terrorism, and have loved almost everything he's ever put out, but this is bananas! He's always been pretty huge, but it seems that after Paper Planes & Major Lazer, he is taking things to the stratosphere. With high-profile collabos with Tiesto, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne all garnering huge amounts of praise, the mainstream is finally paying attention.

I've always approached K-Pop & J-Pop & J-Rock with a healthy amount of wariness and disgust, probably due to a traumatic experience listening to Dir En Grey while stoned in College, but these dudes can actually rap. Of course, I don't understand a single fuckin' word, but it sounds dope enough to me!

The styling in this is insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Tanks, segways and bubble wrap? Swag.

See you tomorrow for the inauguration of my new weekly segment, called Best of The Rest. I'm pretty sure you'll dig it.



  1. Keep writing! What you do is fabulous.

  2. I enjoy them, keeps me interested while deciding what I think of the music!

  3. how do you know Jacques Greene is Hovatron?
    i've googled and googled and yet i am confused :P