late night fright

Why, hello.

There's a little something for everyone this evening. I'm finishing up the OFWGKTA feature on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger on the refresh button.

For all those that are still up at this hour, here is your reward.

Gyptian- I can feel your pain

Gyptian is the absolute master of reggae love tunes. Nobody really writes hooks like this guy, and the fact that he's had such a huge success with Hold Yuh this summer is totally awesome. I've been a huge fan for years, so it's great to see him getting the attention he deserves. Gyptian makes some of the best baby-making music out there. Try it out. Trust me.

Devin the Dude- Lacville 79

Nobody writes lazy stoner anthems like my boy Devin the Dude. He seems like one of the most humble and laid-back MCs in the game. If you're havin a bad day and are stressed, go ahead and bump some Devin the Dude. I guarantee you'll chill out instantly.

I'm rollin, car not stolen
Probably never will be, it's much too olden
Smokin weed and feelin' fine
in my lacville '79

Bon Iver- For Emma

Great proper acoustic indie folk. For Emma, Forever Ago, the album that this is taken from, is one of the greatest folk albums released in the past 5 years (It was self-released in 2007). Justin Vernon wrote/played all of the songs and instruments for this album, cooped up in a countryside cabin for 3 months in the winter, and the result is/was a masterpiece. Plus, he must be doing something right, because Kanye enlisted his help on a few tracks on his latest opus.

Mumbai Science- Ancova


This is a relatively old tune, but a banger nonetheless. Mumbai Science are solid, always delivering great remixes and originals .

Sexion D'Assaut- Désolé

I might catch flak for this one hahaha. I discovered this song a few days ago, and I've been listening to it quite a bit since. I'm not really familiar with french rap, and from what I understand, this stuff is of the mainstream variety, but the hook got me. Catchy beat, simplistic lyrics, and a memorable refrain. The video is not too shabby either. Cal hooks you up with a bloody metric ton of amazing hip-hop per week, so I figured a bit of mainstream silliness wouldn't hurt.

Magnetic Man & Katy B- Perfect Stranger

Sultry female voice + Dubstep = Automatic win, in my books. Nuff said.

nighty night, all.


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