All apologies

As you've surely guessed, the holidays have been taking up all of our time. Family, suppers with friends, partyin', the works. Unfortunately, we have not really been on our A-game in terms of posting. Cal is in NYC until January 3rd, so you'll have to wait until he gets back to get your underground hip-hop fix.

I'm going to be starting night shifts for at least the next year, so I'll be able to post a lot more, hopefully. Anyways, to make up for our lack of posting, I've included a lot of tunes that I've been listening to over the holiday period.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Amerie- One Thing (French Fries remix)

I've been impatiently waiting for this one for a few weeks, and I was so pleasantly surprised when Brodinski released it for FREE on his Best Of Everything Part 2 mixtape. You reaaaally need to check it out, it's a really dope collection of amazing rnb refixes. Although this is a really simple re-edit, it's one of my favorite releases of the year, for some odd reason.

Gil Scott-Heron- NY is killing me (Jamie xx remix)


Jamie xx and the icon, proto-hip hop legend Gil Scott-Heron. Jamie xx will release a remix album of Gil Scott-Heron tunes, and it will definitely be one of the best mixtapes of the year. Scope it out!

Billy Paul- Let the Dollar Circulate

Snowman, bitch, need I say more?

Drake- Fireworks (Deadboy Slo Mo House Edit)

Spooky, ethereal, bassy. Who would have thought a Drake remix could be as good as this?

The 2 Bears- Follow the Bear

Pretty standard tech house, but fun nonetheless.

Larry Harlow- La Cartera

One genre that I've never really had the pleasure of properly investigating is salsa. I saw an interview with the Mars Volta where they namedrop Larry Harlow and the Fania All-Stars, and I've been trying to check out more of the huge selection of dope shit that Salsa offers. I'd love to hear any of your suggestions of good salsa, if you have any. Let me know in the comments!

Jawbreaker- Accident Prone

One of those guilty pleasures. Blake Schwarzenbach is forever gloomy and depressed, but he made great post-punk music with Jawbreaker back in the day.

Happy New Year, people. 2011 will be a huge year for us, if everything goes as planned.

Much love!


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  1. happy new year, right back at ya!