Good morninnnn'.

5th night in a row on the night shift. I probably should be trying to get some sleep, but fuck it. I needed to share the love. Here's some dark and grimy winter music.

iApe!- Candyflip Riddim

A mammoth tune from L-A based iApe!, released last year. This is an incredibly trippy futuristic moombahton/reggaeton banger. There is so much bass and ferocious rhythm in this track that it's kind of ridiculous. By the way, actual candyflipping is way too trippy, man. Fuck that shit. Much respect to Dave Quam.

Fused Forces & DJ Cable- Flocka Riddim

Two UK dubstep producers, Fused Forces and DJ Cable, collaborated on this awesome grime rework of Waka Flocka Flame's infamous Hard in The Paint. Dark sounds, heavy bass, and a lot of Waka, who seems to be one of the only rappers I listen to these days.

DJ Cable soundcloud
Fused Forces soundcloud

Flukes- Wifey Riddim (Murlo remix)

Murlo is a fantastic producer out of the UK. He's been featured on the legendary Palms Out Sounds and Mad Decent blogs, among others. If you're into Soca, UK Funky or bashment style beats, then you will definitely dig Murlo's sound. He puts his own spin on 2-step/grime tune Wifey Riddim, and switches it up a bit with dancehall charm, thumping drums, ethereal vocals and an ungodly amount of bass. Somehow manages to be both ominous and sweet at the same time.

Murlo soundcloud

MaddJazz- Selekta Riddim (Dirty Trickz remix)

MaddJazz is a member of Ghetto Division, a group of Chicago juke & house DJs that include Rob Threezy, Charlie Glitch and Rampage. If memory serves, he's also a member of Jersey's Brick Bandits crew, who I really dig. Long story short, his club pedigree is mighty, and he's been releasing crazy tunes for a while. Belgium's Dirty Trickz injects a heavy tropical vibe into his tune Selektah Riddim, turning it into filthy dancehall rave anthem.

MaddJazz soundcloud
Dirty Trickz soundcloud


Micro Prophet - Non Stop (Dooze Jackers Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Dooze Jackers

Every Monday, Montreal's dutch house maestros Dooze Jackers will be releasing a brand new remix. We posted their ManyMore remix last week, and here is their newest one, a heavy carnival banger infused with that trademark Doozie twist. Heavy and groovy, as per the usual. Keep an eye on their soundcloud.


Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a new addition to my 7-part OFWGKTA segment. This time around, we'll be profiling the one and only Frank Ocean.



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