I Put A Spell On You

Man... I've been addicted to Nina Simone's voice for quite some time now but dammmn, to have one of her track remixed like that, it almost gives me shivers. Mimosa, straight out of Oakland California, produces some pre-tty nice "Crunk-Step Dub-Hop for the Soul". Currently touring the USA, make sure to check out if he's rolling by your city.

Anyhow, other than that amazing Nina Simone remix, I've decided to post an original of his and a remix of the single hit by Dirty Vegas called "Days Go By". Somewhat dubstep, but don't expect any skin-ripping shit here.

Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You (Mimosa Remix)
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (Mimosa Remix)
Mimosa - Dead Like Me

Good night everyone, get crunk. AH!


p.s cant get enough of that Nina Simone track, why is it only 2min17. fuck

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  1. damn how did i miss this one? You guys are fucking nuts thanks for posting.