Dubstep kills

Breaking news! We have just been informed that an ever-growing, overgrown and out of control style of music has begun to invade our planet. This genre started off as simply a new movement in the music world; one that focuses on ferocious basslines and an overwhelming energy which can pump a crowd of incredibly diverse individuals like no other. But has Dubstep gone too far? It has recently started to mutate into a sub-genre called "Brostep". This evolution began with no other than the master-mind of it all, Rusko. It only seemed natural at the time to keep pushing this style to it's limits by adding more bass and even more wobble. However, he now believes it has gotten out of hand and the outcome is a terrifying never-ending head bashing amalgam of random sounds, wobble and bass. If you want to survive this I encourage you to hide your kids, hide your wife. GODDAMN hide your husband too!

Dubsidia - Kill Humans (Original Mix)
Oddboy - Pick Out Your Enemy (Original Mix)

Both songs off New Blood of Dubstep Vol. 1 by Play Me Too Records, I'll let you be the judge of whether or not this style has gone too far. On the brighter side of things, Chase & Status do a magnificent job remixing Clare Maguire. Her beauty blinds me and her voice leaves my soul in shambles, but you know I mean that in a good way... really

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix)

One of the greatest songs in dubstep finally gets a well deserved video. Although it's nothing official, the work done by these guys/gals is incredible. I wouldn't of had it any other way than this!

Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop

Oh and on a final note: if you aren't following us on Facebook then you might've missed out on Luvstep 2 by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix. Sublime mix with some not to "intense" dubstep, the perfect sound for some sweet sweet banging. Aaaaand there's the Breakage remix of another one of Clare Maguire's songs!

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