Good evening, friends. While I realize that most of you shall not be reading this, as the holiday of romance surely beckons you elsewhere, either to a romantic supper of sorts with your loved one, or to some other brief passionate dalliance.

However, this post is for those of you who will need a little bit of background music to provide a soundtrack to your experience. Of course, if you leave our playlist on for too long, the next song after this post will be a DMX tune, so that might throw off the vibe somewhat. Actually, given that it will only go to DMX after about an hour and a bit of warm-up vibes...that just might work.

To quote Sebastien Tellier, "Making music that makes people want to have sex is what I wanted to do".

Tonight's tunes are best enjoyed with a glass of Merlot and a touch of sensimilla.

Love is on Your Side by Sinjin Hawke

This is damn fine vibe music. What a perfect amalgam of soulful melodies, pitched vocals and tremendous bass lines . Sinjin Hawke is a young, talented DJ/producer out of Montreal. This is a sexy-as-hell swagged out piece of lovestep that you need in your life. Decidedly tight stuff.

Sinjin Hawke soundcloud

Art Nouveau & LOL Boys - Air France II by dementomori

Whoa. Two of my favorite producer duos have reunited to make magic for Art Nouveau's EP Air France. While the original Air France is more upbeat, groovy and straightforward house, I prefer the flip on Air France II. Inception-level dreamy vibes and a sweet vocal sample that is lifted from early nineties rave music combine to make something both ethereal and jukey. Footwork music for the soul, as it were. I'd really hoped to avoid this shitty pun, but you won't find a better tune to join the Mile-High Club to this year. Straight vibes. Check out the rest of the EP on Demento Mori's page, it's worth it.

Art Nouveau soundcloud
LOL Boys soundcloud

Finally, I've included what is now becoming a tradition on this blog, meaning a post on ATV fam Grown Folk's monthly mix, the Grown Folk Collection. If you have not had the chance to check them out, I've included links to their first and second ones for your listening pleasure.

Grown Folk Collection N° 03 by Grown Folk

1. T. Williams - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) - Local Action
2. Homepark - Forever Walking - Third Strike
3. Julio Bashmore - Ask Yourself - PMR
4. Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX - I'll Take Care Of U - XL
5. LOL Boys - Runaways (Grown Folk Remix) - CDR
6. Mood II Swing - Do It Your Way - Groove On
7. Smolny & SLG - Turnaround (Instrumental Mix) - Play It Down
8. Hackman - Made Up My Mind - PTN
9. Creep - Days (Deadboy Remix) - Young Turks
10. Kelis - Brave (Dark Sky Remix) - Interscope
11. Pariah - Prism - R&S Records
12. Radio Slave - I Don't Need A Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Remix) - Rekids
13. Grown Folk - Uptown Shuffle - Templar Sound
14. Shadow Dancer - It's The Everything - Boys Noise Records
15. Justin Martin - Get Low (SECT Remix) - Dirtybird
16. MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (Brackles Remix) - CDR

I had the pleasure of seeing Grown Folk play at Blue Dog this past friday, and while the rest of the night is a complete blur, I do remember their set being filled with sensual futuristic jams. Kid Aloha + Roledex, aka Drew & Brendan, are gaining quite a bit of recognition for their unique twist on the sound of the moment- the bass heavy hybrid of sexy house and r&b. Besides being signed to the Templar Sound label and being featured on Sound Pellegrino's prestigious Podcast series, they've been getting love from names such as Damu, STSQ, LOL Boys, Sam Tiba and more.

Grown Folk Collection N°03 features 2 fantastic new Grown Folk productions, and a great mix of upcoming releases and recent bangers. This is perfect mix of sensual upbeat house, futuristic UK-influenced bass sounds and techno grooves. A nicely interwoven web of the past, present and future of sexy synth sounds . Although I'm starting to sound like a broken record, I genuinely believe that Grown Folk is going to gain a lot of recognition in the music scene this year. Casanova crunk music, people. Get with it.

Grown Folk Soundcloud
Grown Folk Facebook

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the sexy bass music contained herein. Have a great night, everyone.

Much love


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