Back To Basics Pt. 7

Now with more colour!

Sheeeit little down time on Cal's and Brig's segments, but fear not I'm bringing back my once a decade segment. Seems like I feel the need to get into some of this good ol' hip-hop before going in to some human killing dubstep.

Man it's always good to come across some old Guru beat you've never heard before. Gang Starr affiliates Group Home are a hip hop duo which I had never heard of before. However, rest assured their music is tight and DJ Premier production skills are always on point.

KMD (aka Kausing Much Damage) was a nineties hip hop group infamous for the controversial cover on their second album Black Bastards. Once again another group I hadn't heard, but I soon came to realize that one of the members is now better known as MF Doom. Anyways both these songs are off their first album, Mr. Hood.

S.B. The Grindaholik - Bopperz On The Floor Remix

Oh yeah switching the hip hop style up and leaving you with some Oklahoma Gangster Rap. I still remember hearing this song in my friends car like 6 years ago, pretty sweet party anthem!


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