I think my mind just melted.

My president is black,green, red and blue, and I'll be goddamned if I ain't high as the moon


I don't even remember exhaling the smoke. You see, Salvia hits you like a freight train, and the conductor doesn't even hit the brakes for about 10 minutes. Also, the delightful thing about it is that everyone who takes it has a completely different experience. It's like an out-of-body roller coaster ride into your subconscious, and can often be a bit indicative of your mental health. (In my case, I think it pointed to the need for a therapist A.S.A.P).

Immediately, all sensory connection to the outside world was cut off. I was literally transported another dimension where it seemed the laws of physics and gravity obviously did not operate. The world was pitch black, and strangely enough, tilted to a 60 degree angle. I looked around, scared shitless, and noticed 2 gigantic doors, with doorframes that reminded me of a carnival. They were green and red, and outlined with very bright lights. As well, the proportions were waaaay off, twisting and turning for no apparent reason. Suddenly, I heard a voice commanding me to look up, and to my absolute horror, on top of each of these grotesque door-like portals, were two Playmobils. Little round heads, with simplistic smiling faces and bodies with no arms. I fled in horror, running as fast as I could, but the doorways always seemed to be in front of me, coupled with the fact that the world was at an oblique angle. The horrific little creature then started to speak, in a childish voice.

(To be continued)

Not really condoning drug use here, kiddies. Just sharing a little blast from the past. Here's a few songs that are always enjoyable under the influence of the many different types of mind-altering substances out there. A little dubstep, a little electro, a little post-punk, etc. They are from different spheres of music, but all sound good with a little funk in your groove.

Girls- Lust for Life (192 kbps)

Salem- Frost (192 kbps)

Chae Hawk- Smoke and Drive (192 kbps)

Emalkay- When I look at you (192 kbps)

B. Rich ft Reese- Make me dance (Techjio Remix) (320 kbps)

Aidonia ft Tarrus Riley- Di Trees (320 kbps)

Dada Life- Let's get bleeped tonight (192 kbps)

That's all for tonight, motherfuckers. I'm going to leave you with the video of the first song, Girls' Lust for Life. Girls are one of my new favorite bands, and reading their biography/interviews (LINK!) is almost a salvia trip in itself. They love to indulge in all sorts of mind-altering chemicals, and the result is some earnest and awesome rock music .


MDMAwesome reminds you to always ask a parent before you put it in your mouth.

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  1. "MDMAwesome reminds you to always ask a parent before you put it in your mouth."

    thats what she said