well well well, what we got here.
A song and videoclip by swiss band FileWile witch describes themselves as : "Dubbed-out producer duo Dejot and Dustbowl have set out to conquer the world on streets unspoilt by the corporate music business. Going by the name of Filewile, the pair have created an agile musical force that won't be ignored. Armed with two portable computers, a mobile sound system and a speedily increasing array of tunes, filewile play out on the streets and in clubs to curious by passers and dance floor punters alike."

Heres the video for their single : Number one Kid

Download : Filewile - Number One Kid

Heres a remix by mercury on this, very different vibe
Download : Filewile - Number One Kid (Mercury remix)

Download : Kosheen - Guilty (Plastician remix)


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