We in Brooklyn, baby, this is how we get down.

Mostly posting old stuff this afternoon. Some you might have heard, some you might not have. Regardless, enjoy. See y'all tomorrow.

The XX- Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit) (320)

Really fantastic edit by awesome Los Angeles DJ Them Jeans. His drums really add an awesome touch to an already gnarly song. Expect the XX to blow up pretty soon.

The Dream- Right side of ya Brain (192)

The Dream & Tricky Stewart are THE best production team in urban music at the moment. Hands down. I'm glad that people are starting to make cohesive albums again, and not just a bunch of singles arranged in no particular order. Although this song is slightly different on the Dream's latest album, Love vs Money, it still still a fucking powerhouse of an r'n'b ballad. Plus, the dude is married to Christina Milian. C'mon.

Hostage- Lighter (192)

Hostage is awesome. Slightly old tune, but still bangs. The voice sounds like a demonic Russian carnival master.

Loco Dice- Pimp Jackson is talking now (192)

Minimal at its absolute best. One of my favorite songs of all time, just because of the absurdity of it. A pimp, stoned out of his mind, talking over an extremely simple, dirty and raw bassline and a raunchy groove . Perfect for an early morning warehouse party. Viva Loco Dice.

More depth + insight tomorrow. It's saturday, for christ's sake. Hangovers uber alles.


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