I'm so high and I can't speak

Tonight's post is going to follow a format that I'll probably keep repeating every time I post. I'll do an in-depth feature on an artist/scene/collective that I find particularly innovative or talented, then I'll just post random tracks that I'm feeling at the moment. That way, you get to expand your horizons and stay on top of things. How unbelievably fucking convenient.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the one and only....


You guys are probably expecting soft indie pop or indie rock by the look of this guy, right? Well, you could not be more wrong, to be honest. Mayer Hawthorne is making some of the sexiest, soulful and funkiest music out there at the moment. Before I get into all the hoo-ha, here's his chef-d'oevre and one of the best singles of the year, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

Just wonderful, innit? (Note the Dam Funk cameo). His music has a sort of old-school vibe goin on, and it is interesting to note that Mayer Hawthorne actually plays all of the instruments on his records. The dude is soulful and talented, and his music is funky as hell. His tunes have a sort of retro feel to them, but still maintain a kind of modern groove. Mr. Hawthorne is signed to the famous Stones Throw label, along with Dam Funk, James Pants,& Madlib, among many others. He's a forward thinking artist who knows his history and pays tribute to the many godfathers of funk and soul. As well, he's working with Snoop Dogg on his new album, which should be an interesting combination to say the least. I'll leave you with a quote that kind of sums up the attitude surrounding Mayer Hawthorne.

“I think Mayer is the only artist in the history of the label that I’ve signed after hearing only two songs,” says label head Peanut Butter Wolf (an AMAZING Dj in his own right). “Sometimes, you just know it’s the right thing to do.”

Without further ado, here's a few of his songs, and I definitely recommend his album. Perfect baby makin' grooves.

Mayer Hawthorne- Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Loved (Classixx remix)

Mayer Hawthorne- Wish it would Rain

And now onto the 5 random tracks....(4 out of 5 in glorious 320 kbps...Don't say we don't care about y'all)

1. Miike Snow- Animal (Mark Ronson remix) (320!)

Probably my favorite remix of this trio of Swedes, by the inimitable Mark Ronson. It has such a groovy reggae/rock steady vibe to it, and this song still has one of the best hooks of the year, in my opinion. (Little known FACT: The 3 gents in Miike Snow are the producers of Britney Spears' TOXIC. Mind= blown)

2. Beni- Maximus (Harvard Bass remix) (320!)

This is the first I've heard of Beni, a dutch producer, but I must give massive props to his promo picture, with the little Mr. Smiley figures by Parisian Street Artist André. This is a pretty impressive remix by California remixer of the moment Harvard Bass, one that is pretty dope, with a repetitive housey riff taking center stage. Like many Harvard Bass remixes, it has a nice little groove that definitely destroys dancefloors. By the way, his remix of Drop the Lime- Set Me Free is FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

3. Cookie Monsta- Me Want Cookie!

Hilarious name. Vicious dubstep. 'Nuff Said.

4. Laidback Luke - Need your lovin' (Felix Cartal remix) (320!)

Felix Cartal is essentially the embodiment of punk ethics in electro. He's a young guy without any particular training or cred, who invested a bit of money into his laptop, started sending his original tunes and remixes to people, got a LOT of blog attention, and is now touring the world. Felix Cartal is one of the most promising young electro talents at the moment, and visits Montreal often enough. I'd definitely recommend checking him out next time he rolls through, his aggressive and moody music usually makes a crowd go apeshit. This song in particular is a remix of a massive tune by Dutch House DJ (and frequent collaborator of the Swedish House Mafia) Laidback Luke. The sweet house vocal is the perfect counterpoint to the pounding electro riffs. This song sounds ridiculous on a half-decent soundsystem, believe me.

5. Crystal Fighters- I Love London (Paparazzi remix) (320!)

The song that gives this post its name. Interesting little story surrounding this gem: I downloaded this song about a month ago, didn't listen to it, yet threw it on the ipod for later listening. About 3 weeks ago, I was walking back home as stoned as an adulterer in the Middle East (Oof. I am so not funny), and this beauty started playing in my headphones. The retarded "I wanna go to the friend's party" seemed ridiculous enough, but when the breakdown hits, oh my fucking lord. I LOVE LONDON! A simple electro bassline hits, then the most hilarious vocal I've heard in a while. "I'm so high and I can't speak", muttered in the most convincingly destroyed voice. Crystal Fighters are made up of 5 Spaniards who live in London. While this song isn't particularly amazing, it was quirky and insane enough to blow my mind that night and warrant inclusion on this pathetic little list.

Sorry about the updates, y'all. We're still getting into the groove, but things will definitely start picking up soon. (Mixes coming soon? Say it ain't so)

Til next time, you slags.

MDMAwesome out!


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