Hip n' Hop my Glitch fucka

Watsup Watsup miss tasty
yeah weve been pretty much dead in the last week huh too much abuse of lazynesssss

but hey here i am posting some ill' beats for your heads

so the subject of the day is Reverse Engineering(http://www.myspace.com/lereproducteur), a glitchhop\hip-hop\electro group from switzerland. You have Alain Decrevel (laptop), David Pieffet (laptop + human beatbox) and G-bart (turntablism) to form this group wich makes interesting instrumentals beats or watever they feel like doing.

anyway heres the songs, i dont feel like talking mucho.

Tangle (Mochipet feat Salva & Epcot) - reverse engineering remix

DTTR feat Blu Rum 13 - reverse engineering