Weekend Wars

Well usually the weekend is that time of the week to... well you know, get fucked up. Lucky for me, this process started earlier this week on Tuesday and left me with a purple ankle. However, with so many shows coming up I'll do my best to not let this affect me.


First up we have Knightriders! W/ Dooze Jackers at Club Saphir

Dooze Jackers was totally unknown to me until I saw their remix of Peanut Club
Noob & Brodinski - Peanut Club (Dooze Jackers Remix)

We also have Grandtheft W/ Eli Escobar at Tokyo Bar which is definitely worth going to see.

Very sick song by Eli Escobar which caught my attention a while back and that I put up on Facebook


Big show at the S.A.T. brought to you by the people over at Saint Woods (as some rapper once said: get rich or die trying. Hope yall die) Well back to the show, Designer Drugs will be here along with Love Thy Brother and Kid Aloha

Two shows from Neon, first up there's Tiga& Audion Live at Stereo
and there will also be Kap Bambino at Fouf

Well big weekend ahead get to it!

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