Grown Folk: City Wind EP preview

After patiently waiting for a few months, we're glad to finally announce the release of Grown Folk's debut EP on the up-and-coming Australian label Templar Sound, who've also released the Dro Carey Much Coke EP & The Bennisons' debut single.

Grown Folk, who've been featured on Avenge The Virgins pretty much monthly, is the brainchild of Montreal-based Drew (formerly Kid Aloha) and Brendan (formerly Roledex). It should come as no surprise to those of you familiar with their past productions that this talented duo is taking the house music world by storm and razing everything in their path. Today, I present to you a preview of their debut EP City Wind, to be released on May 16th on the aforementioned Templar Sound.

Grown Folk - City Wind EP - Templar Sound (TS003) by Grown Folk

From deep, sultry vibes to dandy grooves and heavy percussive riddims, this EP has it all. This is ballroom rave music, with both feet firmly entrenched in the dancefloor. Grown Folk have always been quite versatile in their production style, and have concocted a stunning debut EP that sounds as great and effective at a late afternoon BBQ party as it does at an early morning after party.

The tracklist, in order of appearance in the preview, is as follows:

1. Uptown Shuffle
2. Halfway House
3. V.V.S. (Very, Very Slightly)
4. Block is Hot

The EP will also feature the Dubbel Dutch remix of V.V.S. (Very, Very Slightly) and the Damu remix of Block is Hot, both of which we're really looking forward to hearing.

Once again, the EP drops on May 16th on Juno & Boomkat, so keep your eyes on their soundcloud and your trigger fingers on the refresh button until then. I, for one, am really stoked that these guys are finally getting to drop their debut release, as we've pretty much profiled them since their inception, and it's nice to see their project come to fruition. This release is going to be major league swag, best believe it.

Finally, I've included their immeasurably rad tune Steady Movin for your listening pleasure. Although we had already included it in the post about Truancy Records, I figure that it wouldn't hurt to remind you why Grown Folk is one of the most promising new acts to keep your eye on. Steady Movin' is a nigh-legendary flip on a Cam'ron sample that has gotten a lot of love, and if there's any justice in the world, we'll be able to someday get our hands on the LOL Boys VIP edit of it and share it with you fine people.

Grown Folk- Steady Movin'


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