LOL Boys: LOL Boys EP

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, our love for LA/Montreal electronic music duo LOL Boys should be apparent. Therefore, when news started spreading that they were releasing their first full length EP, on Discobelle Records, no less, I was extremely psyched. They always have something mindblowingly bizarre up their sleeves, and this self-titled EP is no exception.

LOL Boys are a duo who met through an internet message board, and due to a common love of music/percussion/weird ass rhythms, started linking up and created a monster of a project that has seen DJs, producers and fans alike going absolutely apeshit. Although they were placed into the 'tropical house' box due to the genre's former dominance of the musical landscape at that time, their productions were entirely too unique to pigeonhole. LOL Boys' tunes draw inspiration from genres that are typically at opposite ends of the spectrum, like juke, tribal guarachero (3ball), reggaeton, electro and more. There is a reason that they get a lot of love from their peers, and that is because their whole approach, from the audio to the visual, is unique as hell. Their music is a inescapable meme, an infectious creature that you are irrevocably drawn to. Trippy, tribal & tremendous. (As a sidenote, I am killin' it at the alliteration game)

The self-titled LOL Boys EP is really quite phenomenal, no matter how alien it might sound. These dudes kind of break all of the rules, and it works. Grimy amp feedback somehow warps into something melodic, a bizarre latin carnival sample mutates into a soulful reggaeton rave anthem, something that sounds like a Hans Zimmer soundtrack on DMT feels right at home in the middle of a rainforest, and well, Blockz. The video posted above pretty much describes what goes through my head when I hear it.

LOL Boys - Runaways by LOL Boys

LOL Boys - Blockz by LOL Boys

LOL Boys - Intuition by LOL Boys

LOL Boys - Aisle Seat by LOL Boys

You can cop the EP at either Juno or Boomkat, and if you've enjoyed the tunes, I highly recommend picking it up. At the very least, show these highly creative/innovative/unhinged (and nice) dudes some love at any of the links below. (Oh, and both of them will be at Blue Dog Motel(friday) and Velvet (saturday) this week. It'll be the first time both LOL Boys play together in Montreal, so don't miss it!)



Montreal duo Grown Folk, who you'll recognize from their amazing Steady Movin' track that dropped on Truancy Records last month and their fantastic monthly Grown Folk Collection mixes, recently unloaded their cinema sountrack-worthy remix of Runaways. As usual, they inject their formidable brand of sexy house right into the jugular, and the result is really dope. Perfect for a balmy summer evening.

LOL Boys- Runaways (Grown Folk remix)

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