Wow, no 4/20 post? I was working until 8 am, sleeping the rest of the day + working again this evening, and I guess the other guys were too stoned to do it. Our apologies.

To win back your trust, here are some love songs, just in time for the weekend.

Jacques Brel- Quand on n'a que l'amour

There's nothing quite like a Belgian poet cooing in your ear to make you want to sit next to a fireplace with a beautiful woman on a polar bear rug, drinking Veuve Clicquot.

504 Boyz- I Can Tell

Following up with a romantic serenade from New Orleans' supergroup 504 Boyz. Perfect background music for a candid breakfast on the patio.

Assassin- Pum Pum Surveillance

A delightful ode to people-watching, straight from Jamaica.

The Weeknd- Wicked Games

The number of times that I've listened to House of Balloons (and especially this song) is starting to be unhealthy. Toronto's very own The Weeknd make some of the sexiest music you'll hear this year. The audio equivalent of foreplay.

I hope that you've enjoyed the post. Later, lovebirds.



  1. "Wow, no 4/20 post? To win back your trust, here are some love songs"

    Wtf? f*** you.