Laid Back Sunday #17

1st laid back Sunday of 2011. Decided to go with an underground groove for today's post. Sharing music that you might of never heard the artist's name before really gives me a kick. Hope you'll enjoy

Black Cloud Music - Shed No Tears (Rosevelt, Curtiss King, And Jynxx)

This track is off one of the latest musical project by record company Black Cloud Music. This mixtape was recorded in only 12 days ! The quality here is humongous considering the small amount of time put in this project.

Their videos are quite good too. This is an other song off the same mixtape.

The Lytics - Big City Sound Girl
The Lytics - Last Bit (Lovely Words)

The Lytics is a Canadian group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been recently digging & discovering a lot of local hiphop talents and this group really took me by surprise. They couldn't be more right when comparing their sound to Pharcyde & Souls Of Mischief. Look out for them in the future, they have what it takes to blooooow up. Always down to support local acts.

Panacea - Incubator Purgatory

This hip-hop duo from Washington, DC consisted of emcee Raw Poetic & producer K-Murdock has one sick style. No wonder they had a deal with Rawkus Records (Record company well known for jump-starting Talib Kweli & Mos Def careers and plenty of other talented artists). I'd compare their musicality to A Tribe Called Quest. Good stuff

Marcelo D2 - Desabafo

Since my partner in crime MDMAwesome seems to be missing summer so much I thought I'd finish this post on an energetic summer vibe. Marcelo D2 is a well known Brazilian rapper in south america. He's been doing his thing for a long time. He mixes samba grooves with a refreshing hip-hop twist.

hope you enjoyed today's post,

see you next time


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