King Fantastic is a new find for me and although they've been around for some time (sad how 5 months is old for me) I've decided to share some dope material today.

I must warn you, having stumbled upon this clip in class, it is very cool but also very NSFW. So please don't play this gem fullscreen at work, just wait till your home to fully enjoy Kristina Rose wreaking havoc in all her sublime nudity.

King Fantastic - Why Where What

Being blown away from the clip and the gritty beat, I just had to look up more stuff. Call it "DubRap", call it as you like, but all it reminds me of is UK Grime with a West Coast twist. Either/or I'm stoked to see US rappers spitting on some hard electro or dubstep tracks. Here are a few of my favorite songs of their's, starting with a remix by fellow Canadians Knight Riderz!

King Fantastic - Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic (Knight Riderz Remix)

Bassnectar - Basshead (King Fantastic Remix)

The Bird & The Bee - Because (King Fantastic Remix)

For a tremendous amount of free videos, songs and remixes check out the King's Website.

On with the fantastic music. Little AtV bonus for you guys and gals. Fantastic Mr. Fox released his Evelyn EP in November on Black Acre Records and I'm hoping all the best for him in 2011. This young producer from Manchester is a master at cutting up vocals and instrumentals and rearranging them to create his own sounds in a genre he terms "post-dubstep". If you ask me, his style reminds me of James Blake. Which is fantastic because "CMYK" was one of my favorite songs in '10.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sepia Song


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